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Chicken Tempura Udon - $9.00

Homemade udon noodle with 3 pieces of fresh chicken breast tempura, wakame (seaweed) and dashi soup.

DIY Udon Kit - $4.50

Cook delicious udon at home! Includes uncooked fresh udon, soup concentrate, wakame, green onions, and tempura flakes.

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NEW to Our Vegan Menu!

Veggie Tempura Udon - $10.00

Fresh tempura w/ Veggies, including sweet potato, eggplant, pumpkin, broccoli, grean beans with vegan dashi soup.

 Chicken Tempura - $4.80

3 pieces of crispy chicken breast meat tempura

Family Tempura Set - $28.00

 Feeds 4. Enjoy up to 30 pieces of mixed tempura including veggies & shrimp, imitation crab, fishcake & more for your family.

 Ichiban Bento - $11.11

Customize two of your favorite bento items in one including fish & meat! Comes with Pickled Radish, Tofu, side of Rice & Miso Soup.







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