LOS ANGELES -- People have been enjoying udon for centuries and these days it's the most consumed noodle in Japan.

A Japanese restaurant in Los Angele's Little Tokyo, Tsurumaru Udon Honpo is now selling DIY udon noodle kits for as little as $5, bringing a taste of Japan to your own home.

We started in Osaka in 1996 and have 50 locations all over Japan, Masateru Nagayam, manager for Tsurumaru Udon Honpo told Localish. We wanted to share homemade Japanese udon noodles to different cultures which is why we opened our very first US location here in Little Tokyo in 2013, he added.
Different to ramen, udon has a long history. The noodle itself is made from wheat flour.

Udon is traditionally served in warm dash (fish) broth. The secret to how udon is popular is its very simple to eat and you can customize your udon however youd like, Nagayma said.
The udon kits come with everything youd need for a delicious bowl of udon at home. Freshly made noodles, the dashi, seaweed, spring onions and tempura flakes all come packaged for $5. Making the udon at home requires no more than 15 minutes using 2 pots, a bowl and a strainer.

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Tsurumaru Udon Honpo


Toshikoshi is a celebration for the New Year in Japan, which means to cut from the old year to the new year. They do this by eating Toshikoshi soba, a “year-crossing noodle” to cut from the old year to the new year. To aid in the celebration, Tsurumaru Udon Honpo created DIY Nabeyaki Udon kits. Tsurumaru Udon Honpo began its operations in Osaka Japan. Since that time, they have opened 50 locations across the country. In 2013, they opened their first US location in Downtown LA. It is located in the Little Tokyo Galleria on 3rd Street and Alameda. 

At one time, the mall was known as Yaohan Plaza and it was a bustling place. When I visited, the shops were open, but there were very few people milling around. After inquiring, we learned that Tsurumaru Udon Honpo is located on the third floor. Inside the restaurant, I saw two 50 lb bags of Japanese wheat flour which they use to make their udon noodles. 

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Tsurumaru News 
Fun Udon Fact: Pro Golfer Collin Morikawa won in a major tournament!🏆 Collin & his girlfriend shared a story that they ate udon noodles the night before his big game! That's a pro-tip U-don' get to experience!
What does Udon do to your body? Udon is made out of carbohydrates, which are found in rice and bread. The flour produces gluten when kneaded and surrounds the starch, making it easier for enzymes to enter the body. Gluten is then converted into glucose and glycogen in the body, which are quick sources of energy! Plus, the stronger you lift 🍜💪🏼 the stronger you get 😉.






POV vlog of our visit to Tsurumaru Udon Honpo inside the Little Tokyo Galleria, in LA. Tsurumaru Udon Honpo is a Japanese, counter-serve restaurant. Offerings include a wide variety of udon noodles, tempura, rice balls, and curry plates. The restaurant is located on the third floor of the Little Tokyo Galleria which is infamous for housing top tier Japanese food establishments. Orders are very customizable with plenty of alternatives for all. Noodles are made daily, in house, from scratch. Reasonably priced, portions are more than fulfilling.





While Japanese noodle fanatics have been gawking over artisanal ramen joints, another type of noodle business has been growing, albeit at a much quieter pace, within Los Angeles. The noodle of choice? Handmade udon.


According to Yoko Isassi, a Japanese cooking instructor in Los Angeles, the composition of udon is quite simple. The basic ingredients are wheat flour, water and salt. “There's typically a 13% gluten content,” she says. “Every udon shop has their own specific type of mix.”


There are two new handmade udon shops now open in Little Toyko, Marugame Monzo and Tsurumaru, both of which have opened within the last year. Although both restaurants craft udon from scratch, Tsurumaru specializes in Osaka-style udon, while the style of Monzo's noodles originated in the Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku island.


Located on the third floor of the Little Toyko Mall, Tsurumaru is a franchise business from Japan that opened in February. It's structured like a Japanese fast food joint: You order from a counter and prices range from $4 to $5 for regular-sized portions. “This is a self-serve restaurant,” the general manager told us. “We also have an open kitchen so people can see how they serve the food.”


The menu items — most of which are just udon with a topping of choice — are simple and bonito flakes are a underlying theme in each dish. “The bonito flakes and quality of our dashi is the key,” the general manager says.


Recommendations: Go for the bukkake noodles on a hot summer day. They're served cold over a soy sauce base with bonito flavor. The beef udon (#11), according to Honda, is another customer favorite.

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The 11 Best Udon Spots in LA

Droppin' broth like it's hot ('cause it is) at the mall in Little Tokyo, Tsurumaru Udon's a thoroughly legit Japanese-import noodleria serving big bowls of those slippery, delicious pups assembly-line style.

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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Located inside the Little Tokyo Galleria Market is Tsurumaru Udon Honpo, a casual dining spot where you’ll find authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. 


The cafeteria-style restaurant, which opened last February, is a franchise straight out of Japan. Downtown residents are lucky: Los Angeles is home to the only Tsurumaru Udon Honpo outside of its home country. You might miss it when you walk through the galleria — the larger name on its sign is in Japanese. But it’s a place you won’t want to overlook if you’re an Asian food aficionado. 


Though the menu at Tsurumaru Udon Honpo is small by most standards — less than 15 items — the cuisine will leave a lasting impression. The restaurant is known for its udon noodles, which are thick, chewy and made from wheat flour. They’re served hot or cold in a bonito (fish) broth with scallions, which means they’re perfect for either a cold winter night or a hot summer day.


The style of the udon noodles served by Tsurumaru Udon Honpo originated in Osaka, Japan, where the restaurant also got its start. Currently, there are more than 50 franchises in the home country. The udon noodles are made fresh daily, unlike some other Japanese eateries, which serve the pre-packaged version. 


The most popular variation of the dish comes with seasoned beef. There is also a “bukkake” udon (with ginger, grated radish and dried bonito), a “wakame” udon (with seaweed), and a “kitsune” udon (with deep-fried tofu). Sizes come in regular to extra large, and prices start at $4. Soda, Japanese soft drinks, and beer and wine are also served. At this restaurant, you can get away with spending less than $10 on your meal and still be satisfied.

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