New Menu Items


🎃 Pumpkin Special Menu 🍂 


Pumpkin Dashi Soup
Udon w/ Cheese - $10

Signature Dashi soup cooked w/ Japanese 'kabocha' pumpkin & miso soup, simmered pumpkin, tempura, & cheese!


Pumpkin Cream Cheese Salad - $4.50

Japanese favorite golden kabocha pumpkin w/ cream cheese & broccoli.


Simmered Pumpkin - $4.50

Sweet & classic Japanese served simmered kabocha squash.


👪 Family/Party Menu:

Tempura Family Set - $28.00

 Feeds 4. Enjoy up to 30 pieces of mixed tempura including veggies & shrimp, imitation crab, fishcake & more for your family.
(Little Tokyo only)

Appetizer Family Set - $28.00

 Feeds 4. Assorted top 6 appetizers including: katsu, karaage chicken, shrimp spring roll, gyoza, croquettes, & edamame.
(Little Tokyo only)

Kids Meal - $9.99

 Choose A: mixed tempura or B: Karaage chicken & shrimp katsu. Comes w/ Half-size Kake Udon, edamame, animal riceball, Japanese candy & Mochi Udon Fries!


DIY Udon Kit - $4.80

Cook delicious udon at home! Includes uncooked fresh udon, soup concentrate, wakame, green onions, and tempura flakes.

See details here.

Dinner Party Set - $16.50

Set of Karaage Chicken (3pc), Gyoza (2pc), Croquette, Shrimp Katsu, Cream Cheese Tempura (2pc), Edamame (60g), & Takuan Pickled Radishes. You have the option to choose Set A: Katsu or Set B: Tempura Set – Shrimp, Sweet Potato, & Soft Egg).


Lunch Box Set - A $13, B $17, C $15

Set of Karaage Chicken (4pc), Edamame, Mochi Udon Fries, and set of your choice. Set A: two plain omusubis, Set B: two shrimp katsu dog, Set C: both.



Mochi Udon Fries 

Sugar (S $2.50/L $4.50), Matcha (S $3/L $5.50), Cinnamon (S $3/L $5.50).

Made with our homemade udon noodles deep-fried & mochi-like chewy texture on the inside! 






🍤 New Shrimp Menu Items:


Shrimp Tempura Udon - $11.50

Homemade Udon noodles topped w/ three-piece up-sized crispy shrimp tempuras & wakame (seaweed).

Shrimp Tempura Bowl - $11.50

Three pieces of our new up-sized crispy shrimp tempuras & rice w/ our tangy Tsurumaru Sweet Sauce.

Shrimp Katsu Curry- $13.50

Three pieces of our new crispy breaded shrimp katsus, homemade Japanese curry, & rice.

Shrimp Katsu - $2.50/2 for $4

Deep-fried crispy breaded shrimp fry.

Shrimp Katsu Dog- $4.00/2 for $7.50 

Deep-fried breaded shrimp-katsu w/ sweet roll bun & a side of katsu sauce & tartar sauce. 
(Little Tokyo only)

Shrimp Katsu Bento - $9.30

Three pieces of our new crispy breaded shrimp katsus, rice, tamago(egg), pickled radish, & takuan.





🐔 Chicken Chashu Series:


Chicken Chashu Udon - $10

6pc marinated chicken chashu slices, wakame (seaweed) topping, and dashi soup.

Mentai Chicken Chashu Bowl - $10.50

Diced Chicken Chashu w/ 3pc slices and mentai (seasoned cod roe) topping over rice.

Mini Mentai Chicken Chashu Bowl - $6.50

Diced chicken chashu and mentai (seasoned cod roe) topping over rice.


🐟 Kyoto-style Mackerel, Niku Niku Bento, & more 🍱


Kyoto-style Grilled Mackerel - $5

Kyoto-style seared grilled mackerel with a sweet miso taste.

Grilled Mackerel - $4

Seared Japanese grilled mackerel with lemon wedge.

Niku Niku Bento Box- $16.50

Assorted beef, katsu, & karaage chicken, tamago, radishes, miso soup, & large filled rice.


Kyoto-style Grilled Mackerel Bento Box- $7.30

Seared sweet miso grilled mackerel w/ rice, tamago, and radishes.


🥩 Niku Niku Udon Series:

Our new Niku Niku Udons come with all protein-in-one, including four slices of marinated Chicken Chashu, two slices of Pork Chashu, and a serving of sweet Niku (beef). It'll make you full & satisfied in one meal!

Niku Niku Udon- $14

Served with our signature Dashi Soup

Niku Niku Bukkake Udon- $14

Served chilled with Bukkake Sauce, daikon radish, and grated ginger.

Niku Niku Curry Udon- $16

Served with our Japanese traditional homemade curry.

🍤 Special Tempura Udons


All your favorite tempuras in one!

Homemade dashi soup udon includes fresh tempuras: 2pc Shrimp, 1pc Chicken, 1pc Pumpkin, 1pc Soft Boiled Egg, & Green Beans Tempuras!

 Homemade Japanese Curry Udon includes fresh tempuras: 2pc Shrimp, 1pc Chicken, 1pc Pumpkin, 1pc Soft Boiled Egg, & Green Beans Tempuras!